Thursday, March 8, 2012

These are tales of high adventure in the marijuana trade.
From the first a dealer of ounces...and on to multi-ton transactions.

Over a 14 year period.
(And, fictitious, of course???)

As the sales volume increased, we all went up the ladder together.  We formed a bond of trust.

When you deal in big weight, you deal in big cash.  You had better know who you are dealing with.  Guys who rob banks with guns would love to run up on this kind of haul.

Pot was brought from the Bahama Islands, Mexico, and Colombia, South America.
We brought it by cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles...even burros.

(Gimme a hug, Mr/Ms Burro)

Not all missions were successful.  Some included lost aircraft, lost pot, sunken boats, and stupid people.  But, the attitudes always remained POSITIVE.  "We didn't want any negative vibes, Man."

A great time was had by all...from the boys and girls bringing in the those who smoked up the delivered product.

All was fun and games...until the dreaded, "They got us!"
That was not much fun.

No one was injured, no one was killed, private property was untouched.

There were NO victims.

So why are people being put in prison for marijuana?

"...over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign"." — from the essay On Liberty by John Stuart Mill



One of the reviews from

5.0 out of 5 stars If David Sedaris had written 'Catcher in the Rye'..this would be it, June 30, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Shoulda Robbed a Bank (Kindle Edition)
I have never smoked pot in my life...nor do I ever care to.
I read about this book in numerous Huffington Post comments. Thought I would read it because I know nothing about marijuana or the people involved with it. I am ecstatic that I did. Funny, Funny, Funny!!!
The chapters are like short stories. Stories about unloading boats with helicopters, close encounters with law enforcement, traveling through the jungles of South America. The chapter about the author's first time smoking marijuana made me feel like I was with him...coughing.
All of the characters were just a group of loveable, nice guys and girls. Not what I had been raised to believe...hysterical maniacs high on pot bent on death and mayhem. They were nothing like that.
If you have ever read any of David Sedaris' books, and like will love Shoulda Robbed a Bank.
And the crazy things happening reminded me of Holden Caufield in 'Catcher in the Rye' and the way he staggered through life.
The way the words are put together are like nothing I have ever heard. I am sure I will use many of the sayings found in this book just to dazzle my friends. A terrific read. I love this book. 



This book is about great times.  
The best part is, THESE are those times!  

Stay safe and happy...

Available at:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.
Here are the links to the book:


A million thanks to the folks at for their incredible help FORMATTING Shoulda Robbed a Bank.  Amy and Jennifer were gracious, helpful, and willing to answer my most inane questions.

For my BOOK COVER, again I must thank Amy at 52 Novels.  She introduced me to Jeroen, the owner and designer at

The lad does a terrific job... not only with his creations but keeping you in the loop as the process moves forward.

I owe all of these folks my deepest appreciation...and, more business.  

Nothing says,  "I love your product," like cold, hard cash!

Thank you, Fellow Humans...may we all have fun...stay in good our dreams...and, REMEMBER...stay out of jail.  It ain't no fun!


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  1. Is this book you've been talking about for 5 years? The one you sent me a chapter from to see if I liked it?
    I told you 2 years ago that I loved it.
    Put it out there, Asshole...that's how to find out.

    1. Yep, same one. When I read last year about Amanda Hocking's success, my ass was inspired. I read her recommendations and that led me to a lad named JA Konrath and his blog, 'A Newbie's Guide to Publishing.' More inspiration. I have tried to follow these two folks' lead. It's working for them.

  2. This was the only way I could think of to where my response would show on your profile as it doesn't have like an inbox or anything. Anyway I also along with blogger am on tumblr and do book reviews on youtube. Have you ever thought about getting an agent????? Although it is extremely difficult they get the publishing companies to pay you instead of self-publishing (which sound like what you are doing) where you pay them.
    I have written one complete manuscript, that unfortunately will only be kept as a keep sake to me. I am also working on two other fiction novels that I plan to publish when I am finished with them. If you want to send me your work on blogger go head or email it to me at Not sure how secure you want to be with your writing.
    Best of luck,

    1. Hi, Samantha...a million thanks for your input...right now, working on formatting book and cover art work...more later on that...will send you the link to finished, beg for your critique...
      Samantha, thank are the first one to respond to my blather
      Need to figure out how to exchange chapters..
      I do not want to violate Amazon's 'sharing policy'...or promo
      Would much love to read a chapter from whatever you have written so far.
      Stay safe and write more...going now to research policy on 'free chapters'...I truly do not know how much can be put out for 'shameless self promotion'
      I wish you a very safe and happy weekend.

  3. Hey Hugh ,
    2 things, I noticed you do not have a join this site button so that may be why i am not showing on your site. Also I never got your chapter you emailed. to

    1. Hi, Sam...A million thanks for pointing this out. Now, where do I get the 'join this site button'? I have looked high and low for that little sucker. I see eveyone has one but me.
      The chapter I am going to email to your e address has some pretty rough language. I first wanted to ask if you would find this offensive?
      My book is about high times in the marijuana trade. As I said in the 'about me' thinga-ma-jig, I spent 5 years as a guest of the US Federales for this. The book entails how I discovered pot, what led me into the business, assorted missions involving boats, airplanes, and helicopters. Plus, ground transport... and how far I progressed before 'they got me.' Good times from the Bahama Islands, to Mexico and South America. My bust involved 12,000 pounds. The story is told on the humorous side...and relayed as a novel. I maintain it's all fiction, for obvious reasons. I will admit, I had a great time. The 5 years in prison was an eye-opener...I have long since opted for Joe's a lot more fun out here than in there.
      Let me know if you have 'tough' ears and I will send a chapter forthwith.
      Great hearing from you.

  4. I have no idea how to get the join this site button. Mine just came with one. And yes I do have tough ears. A lot tougher most say then a lot of people my age.

  5. Hey Hugh, I emailed u the review as I didn't know if u wanted me to post it right away and if u wanted me to just post it on Blogger or also do a video review on my youtube book review channel and/or do an additional review on my tumblr.

    1. Gypsy...a million thanks for your mails. I received your review via my e address...dang, way more than I deserve. Thank you.
      Once this thing is on Amazon, I will let you know. Yes, I am about to become a shameless, self-promoting Ho.
      Re your writing, you need to hook up with the lady on this blog called 'Boomerhead'...she is an obsessive reader...and a Chatty Cathy...
      Stay safe, mo later

    2. Gypsy is now up and running.
      Please let me know when you receive. I would like to 'gift' you a copy for your help with this blog.
      Many thanks and stay safe

  6. Holy are finally going to publish 'the book'? Hugh, I have heard many, many of your stories around our campfires for years. I and my daughter are very excited about this. Good luck, Dude,

  7. My blog seems to have gone into cardiac arrest.
    I am working with the techs to correct this.
    Can anyone post to this site? Including me.

  8. I like C.Adler did not know much aout pot.This book was great.Very great read.It was a very fast read and very entertaining.This guy has a great sense of humor.I normally do not read these kind of stories but so glad did.I didn,t want this to end.If unlike me you are into pot DO NOT PASS UP THIS BOOK you will love it.I did

  9. A million thanks for your comment, Anonymous.
    Much happy to hear that you enjoyed the book.

  10. I must apologize.

    I just looked over my blog and 'realized,'...'understood,'... 'comprehended,'... 'came out of ether,'... 'seized upon the thought'... that blog sucks.

    But...I did have a profound thought before that...
    Try to wrap yourself around it

    We all have them, 'sometimes'

  11. Hi, I am now following your blog! Thanks for linking up to mine, I am very interested in your book and it sounds like it is getting rave reviews! Very exciting! I will definitely be checking it out!


    1. Hi, Candace...I just found your much appreciated note...a mere 4 months after you left it. That's how familiar I am with blogging.

      I do hope you check out the book...I would be honored by your review.

      And, please forgive my late response...ima jerk, Hugh

  12. Glad to see you greased your blog up. It was kind of pitiful. But, you seem to have fixed it.

    I've read your crap on a few other sites. You seem to have a way to piss people off.

    I want to see if you can keep it up.

    I enjoyed the hell out of your book.
    Well done.

  13. I've smoked pot a few times in my life, and this book written by a fellow smoker is riveting and hilarious. Seeing inside of the trade, and the many different personalities and backgrounds of the people involved lends a whole new light to the party. The book is excellently written, and is sure to be an enjoyable read for smokers and nonsmokers alike. The story line is genuinely captivating, and the comedy is rich. Can't wait for a sequel, or any other book published by you. I'll be on the lookout.

    1. A thousand 'thank you's,' Billie.
      Stay safe and happy.

  14. Hugh,

    Its Craig I just finished the book. It reminded me of the countless hours drinking beers in the garage or at the camp site! I loved it buddy cheers to ya. Hey I owe you a frosty one

    1. Craig...much glad to hear you enjoyed the book. Stay safe and happy, Buddy...prison ain't no fun.

  15. I just finished reading the book, Great stories. I am just wondering, What do you do for a living now?

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the book.
      What I do for a living now?...I am retired...I collect enough from SS to live very comfortably..under a bridge.
      My mission is the promotion of my book. I have another in the works that will go live within the next few days. Plus, I sell all kinds of stuff on ebay...when I can find anything worthwhile. My mission is the accumulation of 3 million dollars. I want 'to see the USA in my Chevrolet.'
      I am just wondering, what do you do for a living?
      One of the lads I am in touch with holds 4 patents for different laser surgical instruments...another is the author of 8 best sellers...another actually lives under a bridge...he seems to be the most eloquent and has some terrific ideas...but he gives not one damn for money or what it will buy. I wish I could learn to be like him.
      A million thanks for your comment...I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. Haven't read your book yet Hugh but am so happy you wrote it.

    I am on track to write 1000 pot infested stories myself over 2012 with only 90 to go before the end of the year.

    Homeland dudes visit my blog daily so I must be doing something right...

    Hopefully I'll run into you during my Neath Bridges Tour.

    Thanks pal.


  17. You have written over 900 'pot infested' stories in less than a year? Dang, Dude...rock and roll!

    I hope you check out my book...I would love to read yours.

    I have no clue how to tell if Homeland visits my posts. If so, I would be honored.

    Stay in touch,

  18. I cannot wait to read your book. I have often thought about writing a book about things that have happened in my life. But should I change the names so that no one sues me for writing the truth. I know it would be great reading cause I lived it. LOL Would appriciate your input. Thanks in advance

    1. I truly hope that you enjoy the book and look forward to your review.

      If you are serious about writing, start NOW. It takes time...a LOT of time.

      Please keep me posted,

  19. Your cleaning the toilet plumbing was just wonderful. I've remember a few similar things I'd forgot about when I used to smoke long time ago. One thing I remember was the ability to have a long in depth conversation with my very young daughters. It was like knowing another language. I had no idea there is almost a separate language that children use between themselves until then. It's so vivid and nice.

    As such I've had some great adventures with mary jane. I also wrote the 'book'about many of my experiences which I put up on website I designed to promote my eldest daughters singing called a totally new way of listening to music and reading books. Still to take off though.

    I feel I should start a new website called 'The wonderful things a person can accomplished while stoned'. I'm sure there'd be some amazing stories. Maybe you should do it as it's your line.

    Thanks for an interesting Sunday afternoon. Saved me gardening all day. Too hard to stop reading.

    1. The 'toilet cleaning'...I could not believe how that bastard came to life...

      I like your idea for website, "The wonderful things.."

      A million thanks for your comments...
      I go now to visit your site 'cashramradio'

      Stay safe...

    2. Holy mackeral...
      Your 'cashramradio' site is outer space....

      thank you!!!

  20. Your link to my URL does not connect. Here it is again.

  21. We went to High School together, Linda Barrett, friends with "Edwards".Penny Burgers, remember those days? Would love to read your book. Will order it.

  22. Linda Barrett...unbelievable!!!
    Of course, I remember those days...I had some great times...we all did.

    Are you still in Jacksonville? Do you ever see any of those guys from school?

    The only one I kept in touch with was John McMullen...and he up and died in 2008...dang, that pissed me off. He was a great guy...we had been canoe camping together for over 15 years...

    Are you talking about Judy Edwards...hell, yeah...a great kid. We had a lot of great times. She was a total hoot! Probably still is.

    How about Billy Freeman? When I was in Federal Prison, I met a lad that used to fly for him...Billy was on the 'wanted' roster then...I have no idea whatever happened to, our cases were unrelated.

    I hope you enjoy my will read stuff in there that will bring back memories...John has his own chapter.

    A million thanks for your note, Linda...I look forward to hearing from you.

    Dang...just like 'old home week'...

    Stay safe and happy...keep them cards and letters coming (please)
    (hey, where did you hear about the book?)

    1. Yes, I'm still in Jax. Judy Edwards told me about your book. She found you on the internet. She lives in the Mountains someplace now and stays in touch. We have a Lee get together every year the Friday before the Fl/Ga Game at Whiteys Fish Camp for lunch. Always a great turnout. To name a few .."There was a great turnout at Whitey's today. We occupied 2/3 of the back deck. Some "newcomers" like Sally Whitelaw Beshears and Rhetta Nussbaum. Bruce Croasdell and Bill Randle came from Texas. Bill brought a girl"friend" from Oklahoma. Kent Schmidt, Gig Young, Herb Ellis, Carol Johnson, Sandy Lyle, Carl Hutton, Charles Walker Rogers(Chucky), Jack Dixon, Don Wallace, Margaret Stradley, Linda Martin, and on and on...wish I could name everyone." we all stay in touch on Facebook...I'll see what I can find out about Billy Freeman. My email address is me so we can stay in touch....
      Really looking forward to reading your book. I will order it this weekend from Amazon.
      I remember one night at Penny Burgers I said something to you and you said "blow it out your ass blondie"...LOL..needless to say alcohol was involved. We all did have some fun back then. Staying in touch with the Lee group has been great and they all good really good for being "senior citizens" now.
      Sorry for the long letter me. Linda

  23. Hugh, you posted a comment about my arrest on 30 oct. ,I beleive on one of the local papers articles here in louisiana. I was arrested for an "alleged extremely sophisticatd marijuana growing setup". you mentioned somethings that might help me, jury nullification,I belive. I would really like to talk to you via e-mail or whatever. i am hoping that maybe you can help me or at least steer me in the right direction. my e-mail is= I appreciate the words of support on your comment on my arrest and could use any and all help on this matter. I am a disabled vet with PTSD and have had no problems with the law till this. by the way I really enjoyed your book, our circumstances were different but the injustice of it is still the same. I saw a child molester treated nicely while I was kept in lockdown for a week because I had such a "serious offence" I hope you find time in your scheduale to give me a shout back. If you'd like to talk e-mail me and I'LL give you my phone number. Thanks, Blane Roy, Mansura, La.

  24. Hi, Blane...

    Hope this finds you well and in good spirits. Glad to see you found my blog.
    And very happy to hear that you enjoyed the book.

    Re jury nullification...type that into your google search bar...a ton of info...

    More after you confirm that I have your correct e your comment on my blog, you have an 'equals' sign (=) in front of your address. I don't know if that is part of your address or not.

    I wait to hear from you...I will tell you all that I know,

    Hugh Yonn
    Shoulda Robbed a Bank

  25. A million thanks to Jennifer Alexander for her most gracious article regarding Should Robbed a Bank.

    Please, take a look:

  26. I have had several people ask for an email address.

    That would eliminate 'airing laundry' publicly...of course, the Feds will always have access.
    One lad even told me that his site is on some kind of 'Fed watch list.'

    As far as I'm concerned, I think 'those guys' watch EVERYBODY.

    For those that may care, my e address:

    I respond to any and all comments.
    I wish you the very best.

  27. I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it a lot. A good and
    entertaining read. I would recommend it to anyone who lived in
    Florida during the 60s and 70s. I could literally feel parts of
    this story as I had many friends who had similar experiences. If
    you want an understanding on why the drug war is lunacy, check it
    out. I liked how you put the message out there without playing the
    victim or being preachy. I particularly liked how you showed that
    sometimes the answer is sheer audacity. The lunacy that is our
    drug has solved nothing and created criminals out of our neighbors.
    I wish they would put half as much effort into white collar crime
    that actually hurts most of our citizens. Thanks for telling the
    story, I liked it.

  28. Easy123...a million thanks for your review, both here and at my book's page on Amazon.
    Just cannot have too many reviews.

    Stay safe and happy...I wish you the very best,

  29. Hi Hugh,

    I just purchased your book from Amazon. I found your book plug on the front page of Then went to Amazon and read the sample and just knew I'd like it.

    I wish you much success in sales and I will do my part to help your sales increase!

    1. Hi, Cheryl...

      A million thanks. I truly hope you enjoy the book and look forward to your review.

      Warning: the book contains some pretty strong language.

      If you have any questions, or would just like to slap me around, here's my e address:

      I look forward to hearing from you...
      Stay safe and happy,

  30. Hi Hugh, Just read your new book "Welcome to Prison..Enjoy Your Stay".on Amazon...Loved it..
    my review..
    Another really fun, interesting, informative adventure following Hugh’s life! Loved it...two complaints..1. it ended too soon, wanted more! and 2. I really, really wanted to know the secret hiding place! Hey Hugh, I can be trusted, it’s the Church Lady (not to be confused with the Christmas Lady) and speaking of the Christmas Lady, If this goes to Hollywood Hugh, can I play the part of the Christmas Lady? Ready for a continuation Hugh! and more details like where you were “housed” each stage!
    Keep up the great work Hugh! Linda

  31. Hi, Linda...

    A million thanks for your kind words...I am ecstatic that you liked the new book...

    As to you playing 'the Christmas Lady,' you are not old enough.

    Stay safe, Young Lady,
    Thank you,


  32. Are you living in Florida? That's fucking crazy? I'm planning on reading your book, it sounds good.

    My suggestion: Move to Colorado or Washington.

    Florida has some of the worst penalties, I'm not sure why you're there. Let's get LEGALIZATION GOING!

    1. friend...

      I agree...Florida is on 'top of the charts' with fucked up pot laws...and, yeah, I am trying to do my share getting 'LEGALIZATION GOING!'

      Yep, I'm living in Florida...

      Right now, I am buried in real estate...I am land rich and cash poor...

      If you drug your ass over here and bought some incredibly nice land I have for sale, I would move...

      But, not to Colorado or Washington...I just flat ass ain't into cold weather...

      I have no clue where you are...but, I do know that where I am is currently the warmest part of the United States...

      Question: where the fuck are you?

      Another question: what is this shit, "I'm planning on reading your book..."

      A couple of days ago, I was '..planning on taking a shit..' But, before I could put the plan into action, the action started without me...

      Com'n, friend...square up with me...I like your kinda talk...

      And, yes, I am fucking crazy...
      Keep them cards and letters coming...

      Maybe bofe of us can 'come into the light'...

  33. Greetings Hugh,

    Just bought and read your book via Amazon Kindle. Loved it -- very funny and informative.

    I've just returned to Florida (Ormond Beach) to live for the first time in 27 years (was in Tallahassee in the early 80s). It's great to be back. Shame that it seems to have become such a pot-unfriendly state. But the weather sure is fine.

    Best regards,

    -- Will

    1. Hi, Will,

      Welcome back to Florida. And the finest winter weather in our country.

      Much glad to hear you enjoyed the book. I just published 'Welcome to Prison--Enjoy Your Stay.' It's about some of the things I encountered in my first year. I would be honored if you took a look. It's only available on Amazon...grossly overpriced at $0.99.

      A million thanks for your note. Hope to hear from you again, Hugh

  34. Hugh-
    I came across a post you wrote in response to an article about legalization of Cannabis. I was the lad (as you would say) that said I was sorry to hear you went to prison for what amounted to a victimless crime. I then bought and read the book in one sitting and fully intend to buy everything you write. I was an instant fan enjoying your tell it like it is no nonsense voice. The only thing I currently use and am addicted to is caffeine. Apparently, Juan Valdez and the Columbians will get you no matter what LOL.

    I too am one of those rare animals that believes in freedom and believe that it is our right as human beings to make these choices for ourselves. It infuriates me that people are going to prison longer for the distribution of Cannabis than many violent offenders. It infuriates me because it has nothing to do with caring for the citizens of this country and everything to do with control, corruption, and power. The reason for the continued attack on cannabis was to create a issue that keeps us away from the real issues. One which started to continue wasting taxpayer dollars to fund what amounted to a failed war in Vietnam. I have to ask myself are things really any different today? Absolutely not they're the same, if not worse.

    People are not as stupid as those in power would like to think. We just have a hard time digesting all of the facts from fiction when pitted against what amounts to a very large well funded misinformation machine. I believe this is the reason that we are seeing a resurgence in a movement toward Cannabis legalization. To me it is so much more than a desire to smoke a doobie and have fun, although I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is our way of thumbing our noses at a failed system and attempting to free ourselves of tyranny whenever and wherever it reels its ugly head. Cannabis use is a form of rebellion against a failed policy that is not in the best interests of those it claims to protect.

    Your story along with the many others I have come across have encouraged me to join this movement without having to be needlessly locked up for it. The pen is mightier than the sword as has been said. I am working on attempting to add to the material already out there and help enlighten those that are either currently against or on the fence about current Cannabis policy in this country.

    I'd like to talk to you more about your experiences and possibly incorporate it into my work. I truly find your approach and attitude about your experience refreshing. Maybe we can both shamelessly promote one another and also do something good?

    Russ Fiddy

    1. Russ...

      A million thanks for your note and encouraging words.
      I am curious...did you read my second book: Welcome to Prison-Enjoy Your Stay? Within the next few weeks, I will be publishing my third...yep, it will be about things I saw and heard while in prison...some funny, some brutal.

      I am going back through posts that I have made and folks I have communicated with. Will try to find the site were I replied to your comment. I hope that you find this note and respond.

      I feel sure that we will see the full legalization of cannabis within the near future. This lie has been carried on too long...too many people have suffered at the hands of our own goverment.

      I hope to hear from you,

    2. Hugh
      Here is the link in which we commented on the article

      I've read the second book. Again enjoyed the humor you attach to your ordeal. I can't imagine it's insane that someone would get jailed for this. Unfortunately most Americans are not exposed enough to the fact that non violent folks are thrown in jails over a plant that's so benign. The biggest problem with Cannabis is its legal status. I recently watched a Fox new report on youtube of a marijuana bust the sensationalism was ridiculous. The statement was something like "this isn't your grandfathers marijuana folks this stuff will kill you." This is the kind of bull shit that's still out there Reefer Madness revisited and you know there are idiots out there mindlessly accepting this crap!

      Im preaching to the proverbial choir its time for like minded individuals to get the word out to the misinformed. I want to help add to this message as well and think that a repeated message to the ridiculousness of Cannabis prohibition is the only way. This culture needs to get serious about its activism. It is only through sustained persistent counter action to the fear, misinformation, and outright propaganda that we can hope to change things.

      Keep writing Hugh look forward to the next book


    3. Russ...again, many thanks for your notes.

      There are many serious activists currently posting to many different websites. If you google 'marijuana articles,' you will find a lot of the same names posting at each. Some of the most vocal: Kevin Hunt, John Thomas, Malcolm Kyle, and Mike Parent. Mike Parent is retired law enforcement. He is now with 'LEAP'...Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

      I also post to a lot of these sites. My screen name is 'FlyingTooLow.'

      And, yes, I am into 'shameless self-promotion.'

      Much glad to hear you enjoyed 'Welcome to Prison'...I've almost finished book # 3.

      I look forward to hearing from you...stay safe,

  35. Advice from a felon.

    1. My advice is: Prison is a good place to avoid.

  36. Hey Hugh

    Just purchased your book last night, and ended up finishing it before the night was even finished.

    Thank you for a extremely entertaining book, and I will most defiantly be reading your second, and soon to be released (I hope) third book.

    Will defiantly be sharing them with my friends and family.



    1. Dillon...

      A million thanks for your note...Much glad to hear you enjoyed the read.

      Which did you read first? Hopefully, 'Shoulda Robbed a Bank'. When I started writing these, I didn't realize how many stories I remembered.

      Yep, number 3 will be out in a few days. Its title:
      'The Reluctant Counselor'

      Hey, for future reference, my e address is:

      I look forward to hearing from you...
      Stay safe and outta trouble,

  37. Mr. Yonn - What a great read your "Shoulda Robbed a Bank" was! I just finished and only put it down to recharge my reader. You seem like such a good human. I was struck with that notion for the entire read. I have been known to say to my teen-age daughters, after hearing it first from my Father when I was their age, that the only thing wrong with pot is that it's illegal. What a great set of tales that was. I'm off now to see what else you might have written!

    Rick L.
    High Point NC

  38. Hi, Rick L...

    Sir, I am truly honored by your words. I wish you had added your e address. Hopefully, you will return to this site and see my note. I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart.

    And, I agree, the only thing wrong with pot is that it is illegal. The truly sad part, even this day there are thousands of American citizens rotting in prisons over a plant. What has happened to our 'free' country?

    Thank you, Rick,
    Hugh Yonn

    My e address:

  39. Damn right! God Damn right even! You are a fucking great Author, a quite exceptional one, that has struck my heart several times. Yet, you read, the even respond to your fans' gratitude. You have my utmost respect, Sir . . . . Rick L. Sending you an e-mail to your G-Mail. Huge, huge fan!

    1. I haven't heard from you lately..hope all is well...stay safe

  40. Hugh,
    The book Shoulda robbed a bank was amazing. Your writing and stories had me glued to my phone for 3 days. I am ready to start another book of yours. Which one would you suggest to read next? And Rick L., I agree with you. The whole time I was reading this book I was thinking to myself, this guy just seems like a downright good human being and probably prerty cool to hang out with.. You guys have a great day. Hugh outstanding job on your book.

    Shay W.

    1. Shay...a million thanks for the kudos...much glad to hear you enjoyed the book. The second one is 'Welcome to Prison-Enjoy Your Stay.' And the third, 'The Reluctant Counselor.' Now working on number 4.
      I look forward to your reviews and hope to hear more from you.
      My e mail address is
      Take care and stay outta trouble...

  41. Loved the book I think it would make for a good movie starring Brad Pitt as Hugh.

  42. Much glad you enjoyed the book...
    But, I have to 'fess up...I'm a lot prettier than Brad Pitt...

    Stay safe...

  43. Just read "The Reluctant Counselor"... great read, inspiring, best of luck with your writing career!

    1. I appreciate your note. Nothing gives greater pleasure than to hear that someone enjoyed my attempts at writing.
      I hope you take a look at the rest of my stuff...
      A million thanks...Hugh Yonn

      Here's my e address:

      Stay happy and outta trouble...prison ain't no fun...

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    1. Minis D... I wish you great luck with your business...
      Just, please don't get busted posting to my site. I'm in Florida where marijuana is still dang near a hangin' offense.
      Stay safe... Stay happy

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